21 Feb

Capital refers to all the financial assets in an organization that include the facility itself, the tools and equipment available and funds that are available in a financial institution which belongs to the organization. Capital also includes the labor which includes individuals who provide their skills, knowledge and time to the organization for a pay creating value into products. There are various types of capital that an organization can be operating on including debt capital, equity capital, working capital and other types. Dept capital involves acquiring a dept from various sources such as family and financial institutions to work as the capital for the business and has to be repaid. Equity capital involves sourcing capital from different sources which do not need to be repaid. A good source for loans for capital would be Express Capital Funding.

Working capital represents the ability of an organization to be able to run its day to day activities by being able to pay debtors immediately a debt has been acquired. Working capital is usually determined by subtracting the current liabilities from the current assets. The current assets represent the assets that can be sold or consumed during the normal business operations in a business' financial year such as cash and all short-term investments. Current liabilities refer to all liabilities a business is able to settle in cash within the period the business is operating or a given financial year. An organization with a positive working capital is able to pay short-term debts accrued and it is also able to pay for the day to day running of activities in an organization. Go to this homepage for more info.

Some organizations can obtain working capital loans so as to be able to carry out the day to day financial activities in the organization. The working capital loans are only used for short-term investments and they are very common for businesses that are likely to suffer during periods of low business activities. Working capital loans are important as they help businesses to cover up for periods when the business is low and repay the loan when the business picks up when they can sustainably finance themselves. Most working capital loans are unsecured hence they ensure that the business does not need a collateral for the loan hence no asset belonging to the business can be used to secure the loan. Working capital loans help in financing a business during a period of financial low without the business owner having to lose the control of the business. Here is some useful information on small business loans: https://youtu.be/yhSUGw_ooe0 

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